BRIDAL MEHNDI, AND Private Henna Sessions

Mehndi is one of the oldest beautification rituals in the world, and is still enjoyed by millions of human beings across the globe. Intricate details are painstakingly applied by Darcy Vasudev, and contain auspicious symbols for love,  prosperity, luck and fertility. 

Destination Weddings and Events: Master Artist Darcy travels to Hawaii, Mexico, Costa Rica, Cuba, Europe and beyond for your destination wedding, retreat, workshop or trade-show. Please inquire for a customized quote.

Private Appointments: Private sessions at our Oakland home-studio are $125/hour, by advance appointment only.

Bay Area Bridal Mehndi: Bridal henna sessions starting at $375 and up. Please email us for a customized quote using our Zone charts to describe what you'd like. To minimize interruptions, and to maintain our signature precision, all Bay Area bridal henna is done in our home-studio in Oakland. 

“I really loved my bridal mehndi and I truly enjoyed your exemplary service! It was one of the easier days of my whole wedding planning and I couldn’t thank you enough!

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